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It’s almost here – after months of cold winter, summer is round the corner and Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the celebrations. With Memorial Day signaling the unofficial start of summer, you want to get off to the healthiest possible start. Here are some of the most common health and safety dangers of Memorial Day weekend to avoid, so you enjoy a healthy holiday with your family.

1. BBQ Safety Tips

Summer isn’t the same without barbeques, and Memorial Day is traditionally the time to dust down the grill and start preparing the meat and burgers. How do you avoid piling on the pounds over the holiday weekend? You don’t have to completely avoid the barbeque, but you need to put some healthy choices on the coals. Cook veggie kebabs along with burgers, and keep the portion sizes small for the meat. Avoid loading your plate with calorie-heavy sides like potato salad and chips. And add some physical activity into the day to balance-out the extra calories.

When grilling, make sure that all meat products are cooked thoroughly in order to avoid food poisoning. Keep raw meats separate from all other foods and make sure they are refrigerated to the appropriate temperature before cooking. Try to avoid reheating previously cooked food and if you do, make sure it is piping hot.

2. Safe Driving

With many families hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend, make sure you keep safe while driving. Always buckle up and make sure kids are safely in age-appropriate car seats. Get a good night’s sleep before a long drive and never drink before getting behind the wheel.

3. Sun Safety

Keep kids safe in the sun with high-factor sunscreen, applied regularly (use a sunscreen of SPF 25 or 30, at least.) Never leave children or pets alone in the car, even for a few minutes – most people don’t realize how quickly the car can heat up on a sunny day, even with the windows cranked open.

4. Better Boating

Is your boat water-ready? Make all the necessary checks before you head out onto the lake this Memorial Day. Ensure that all the life preserves are in place for the kids and adults, and don’t drink-and-boat. Take a cooler full of healthy snacks and drinks so you can enjoy the time on the water without eating lots of snack foods and unhealthy choices.